@ Formosa Gear Plant, licensed by RENK, Germany and equipped with state of the art machine tools, is a leading gear manufacturer in Taiwan. Most of the tools are computer numerically controlled (CNC) for higher efficiencies and accuracy. Formosa can hob gears up to 8.0 meters in diameter, skive spiral bevel gear up to 1.15 meters in diameters and precision grind gears up to 4.0 meters in diameters.
@ In addition, Formosa performs most heat-treating process within its own shop. Carburizing, ion-nitriding and induction hardening are used to maximize the strength and durability of the gearing. Formosa Gear produces and supplies gearing products designed for maximum reliability and performance.
@ Quality assurance is guaranteed not only with the aid of the most modern inspection equipment and trained professionals, but starts with the procurement of raw materials of the highest quality. Strict process controls have resulted in Formosa's reputation for producing the highest quality products available in the world market.

Main Products

FHI Gear Plant supplies the following products for various industries including petrochemical, plastics & rubber, fiber processing, steel, cement, sugar, pulp & paper etc. The maximum horsepower of gear reducer Formosa ever delivered was up to 24000KW & linear velocity: 150m/s, and maximum weight of unit 205MT.


Gear reducers for various industrial applications


Standard type gear reducers


Open gears & girth gears for sugar and cement industries.


High speed gear reducers & increaser.


Wind Turbine Planetary Gear Increaser.


Planetary gear reducers for various industrial applications


Heat treatment -- Carburizing, Ion-Nitriding and Induction Hardening


NDE & metallurgical analysis


Engineering services

Historical highlights


1980 Established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Formally the machinery division of Formosa Plastics Corp.


Under license of RENK AG, Germany.


Awarded AGMA technical membership.


Awarded quality class A by government of Taiwan


Licensed additional technology from RENK AG for steel mills.


Merged into Formosa Heavy Industries Corp.


Awarded ISO 9001 certification.


Licensed additional technology from RENK AG for planetary gearboxes.


Set up representative office in Kitakyusyu, Japan.


Started business cooperation with Chicago Gear Corp. Now Overton Chicago Gear Corp. for marketing in USA.


Software transfer from RENK AG for High Speed Gear.


Developed 2MW Wind Turbine Planetary Gear Increaser.

Product Video