Taking the advantages of the construction and operation experiences from over 60 units of cogeneration/power plants of Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) installed in the near decades, as well as granted license and transferred technology by BHI FW (Former "AMEC Foster Wheeler") and GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) of design and manufacture for PC and CFB boilers, FHI has built up a good reputation not only as a boiler manufacturer but also as an EPC contractor for power plant project.


.Cogeneration and IPP projects on turn-key
.Planning, design and engineering for
 cogeneration and IPP power plant
.Design and manufacture of pressure parts
.Planning, design, supervising, erection and
 commissioning of peripheral equipment
.Supervising, erection, commissioning and
 overhauling of turbine and generator
.Operation training programme and services
 of O&M

1. Accumulated experiences of construction and operation for over 60 cogeneration and IPP power plants inside and outside of Formosa Plastics Group
2. Granted license and transferred technology of advanced boiler design and manufacture, including basic design, detailed design, manufacture, erection and commission
  .GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) Supercritical Boilers 1,500~3,000 T/H
    CFB boilers 120~1,000 T/H
  .BHI FW (Former "AMEC Foster Wheeler") Idustrial Boilers 150~1,000 T/H
  .GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) De-aerator, HP/LP Feed Water Heater & Condenser
3. FPG Technical Resources
  .Fuji, Japan DCS equipment
  .ABB, German High/low voltage electric equipment for power transmission/distribution
  .Renk, German Gear Reducers for Coal Pulverizer and Cooling Tower
  .Engineering Divisions of
   affiliates of the FPG
Design, supervision, inspection and QA standards
4. Technical Cooperation
  .BHI FW Burner, Coal Pulverizer
  .Marlley / GEA /EVAPTECH, USA Industrial Cooling Tower

Quality Assurance:
* Certificated ASME S, U, U2 since 1981.
* Certificated ISO 9001 since 1994.

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