1956 Founded in Kaohsiung city as the former Machinery Workshop of Formosa Plastics Corp.
1971 Licensed by Kinyosha, Japan, to produce rubber rolls.
1980 Established Gear Plant, licensed by RENK AG.
1981 Awarded ASME S, U & U2 certificates for pressure vessel.
1981 Gear Plant was awarded AGMA technical member.
1991 Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation was incorporated.
1991 Started business for Cogeneration, licensed by BHI FW (its former name: AMEC FOSTER WHEELER).
1996 Mai-Liao Machinery Plant was awarded S, U and U2 certificate issued by ASME.
1997 Licensed by General Electric (GE) for manufacturing utility boilers.
1998 Licensed by General Electric (GE) for Circulated Fluidized Bed boilers.
2000 Technical association with ROBO TECH (Austria) for curve-driving SRM and DANAHER MOTION (NDC) (Sweden) for Laser Position Control.
2004 Formosa Heavy Industries (Ningbo) Co., Ltd completed all workshops and started production.
2011 Obtained GL certification for 2HW Wind Turbine Gearbox.
2018 Mai-Liao Machinery Plant was awarded EN 1090-1 & EN 1090-2 EXC4 certificate regarding steel structure fabrication with EU standards and ISO 3834-2 certificate regarding welding quality management with EU standards.