The Mai-Liao Wind Power Demonstration System
 The wind power plays a significant roll in the diversification of energy supply and the environmental protection. In light of this, the MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) of the Republic of China announced "The Incentive Program of Wind Power Demonstration System" in March 2000, in aims to increase the utilization of wind energy and the renewed energy. 

The Mai-Liao Wind Power Demonstration System is the first wind power system implemented under the aforesaid Program by the Energy Commission of MOEA and the Energy & Resources Laboratories of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute).

With thanks to the technical assistance by the Energy & Resources Laboratories of ITRI, the subsidy and the strong support from the Energy Commission of MOEA and the Industrial Bureau of MOEA, the success of Mai-Liao Wind Power Demonstration System had set up an important milestone in development of wind power industry in Taiwan.



The Mai-Liao Wind Power Demonstration System is located alongside the windbreak in the northeast part of the Mai-Liao Industrial Park and equipped with four units of 660KW wind turbines. 

The System had incorporated the European mature wind turbine technology, while the system integration and the local works including the tower fabrication, the civil foundation and installation were the responsibility of Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation. 

The electricity generated by the System is integrated into the power grid of the machinery workshops of the Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation inside the Mai-Liao Industrial Park. There is also a visitors’ Show Room of the Demonstration System where the monitoring and control equipment are installed.


Model:                                 Vestas V47-660
Power rating: 
                    660 KW
Startup wind speed: 
        4 m/sec
Shutdown wind speed:  
  25 m/sec
Max wind speed: 
              70 m/sec
Rotor diameter: 
                47 m
Rotating speed: 
               28.5 rpm
Tower height: 
                   45 m

    The ideal sites for the wind farm would be places as easy to access, free from impeding and convenient for maintenance, such as the riverbank, windbreak and mountain lodge…etc., seaside is also considered a very good place for wind farm. The offshore wind farm, which makes more use of wind and land resource, is now the latest trend.

The Mai-Liao site fits the above conditions very well, that means the wind energy resource there is extremely good there. The electricity generated by the existing 4 units of wind turbines amounts to over 6,000,000 Kwh per year. If more and higher capacity wind turbines can be installed in the extended area or the neighboring  offshore shallow waters, they would make much more contribution to the wind power industry of this country.